Fort Ancient Earthworks & Museum

October 1, 2017 – This weekend, my friend and I decided to head down to the Fort Ancient Earthworks and Museum in Oregonia, Ohio to continue our exploration of ancient Ohio sites.

Fort Ancient is a bit different from the mounds in Licking County and Chillicothe.  This site is two large plateaus surrounded by earthen “walls”.  The walls are mounds of varying heights that seem to follow the contour of the flat hill top.  Two sections were joined together by a “causeway” to form a continuous space.  Inside the walls you’ll find several ditches as well as other mounds and earth works. Continue reading “Fort Ancient Earthworks & Museum”

Quick Stop: Indian Mill

On our way to a cross country meet, Google sent us down County Road 50 in Wyandot County.  Much to my delight, I saw an Ohio History Connection sign and literally stop in the middle of the road to check it out.  “What the heck? A historic mill?  Let’s check that out!!!!!”  Thankfully, my 13 year old was game!

We had stumbled upon the historic Indian Mill along the Sandusky River. This small site only takes a little bit of time to wander through, but was worth a stop. Continue reading “Quick Stop: Indian Mill”

Exploring Hopewell Culture (and Craft Brew) in Licking County – Part 2

August 20, 2017 – After spending the morning hiking around a bit, we moved on to look for Hopewell Mounds.

Great Circle

We started our exploration of the Newark Earthworks with the Great Circle Earthwork site and museum.  The Great Circle site is southwest of downtown Newark.  Once parked (google map here), stop in at the museum for  displays on the mounds and an interactive set of videos.  When you exit the museum, you’ll be facing the entrance to the Great Circle.

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Exploring Hopewell Culture in Licking County – Part 1

August 20, 2017 – On Sunday, a girl friend and I decided to get our Ohio 4th Grade History on and go explore the Hopewell Culture and Mounds in the Licking County Area.  This continued a Mound series for us after visiting Chillicothe in the Spring.

Super quick History lesson for those not in the 4th Grade: the Hopewell Culture refers to a time period more so than a specific tribe of prehistoric people.  Ohio was the epicenter of this culture.  Two of the most notable features of the Hopewell were mound building and flint trade.  There are mound sites throughout Ohio.  While we cannot know for sure what the mounds were used for, they appear to be generally ceremonial and sometimes used for burials.

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